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Ravlyk TV

Currently, millions Ukrainians have left their homes during the war. Some moved to the western regions of our country, but most are in neighboring countries - Moldova, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, France. For most, being forced to stay outside their home country is a stressful situation - a language barrier, a different cultural environment, higher prices for food and basic necessities. The lack of information about Ukraine and the need to represent it on one convenient portal is a challenge posed by the war.

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In the digital age, distance is not measured in kilometers. Between Kryvyi Rih and Kamyanets-Podilsky, Kremenchuk and Odessa, Mariupol and Zhytomyr, Borodyanka and Drohobych are not roads, but history. A common history and common pain that unites every Ukrainian. Wherever he was. The war was another test of strength. Every settlement, every community, every family. They tried to steal our history, culture, language, country. And each of us is forced to save parents and children for the future of our heroic Ukraine. Protect those around us and those we have lost. It is very important today to be together. On any front. Be close to the country in our common memory, be close to our reconstruction of the country, be honest in our actions. It is difficult for us, but we are not ashamed. Because our unity is in our truth. Which will be the victory. Everyone is working on their own front. Doctors who save the lives of defenders. Teachers who continue to teach. Television companies that provide information support.

Getting up-to-date information

Means knowing and understanding what is happening in the country in a timely manner. It is to make the right decision and be close, even when the distance from the family home is broken by boundaries. This is to be a Ukrainian snail moving towards its goal. It is to be the only nation in every corner of the planet and to know what it breathes, how it wakes up, what worries Ukraine.

Our team of volunteers has created a video portal Ravlyk-TV, which aims to unite all Ukrainians who are abroad. Our news from each region of Ukraine is located on one platform. You will be able to receive important information online. Everything that happens at home will be known to you in every hospitable corner of Europe. News, movies, music, interesting stories on your smartphone. Because the country should be around like a snail in the palm of your hand. Connect to the UATV.LIVE video portal and get even closer to Ukraine.